Since old times the clothes are different which people wear during the day and while sleeping. While spending too much time with daily hustle during the day, tight trousers, elegant shirts which fabric does not breathe enough, stylish skirts may be tolerated, but when the time passes and we get under the quilt, it is clear what everyone prefers.

Comfortable pyjamas will not only affect your sleep times but also your daily life because you will wake up relaxed. However as Kaudulup we not only show regard to your comfort but also to your elegance of your sleeping hours, thats why we prepared a unique pyjama collection for you!

Friend of Both Hot and Cold Nights: Cotton Pyjamas Set

Cotton is one of the most frequently used fabric in production of pyjama sets which you can use for hot and cold weather with peace of mind. When it comes to women’s pyjama sets, cotton is one of the sought-up fabric. 100% cotton fabrics keep you warm in winter, cool in summer and absorb your sweat.

Women’s cotton pyjama set is one of the clothing products which brings together people from the World and his wife and helps them to be comfortable. Do not forget to give place fort he colour and model which is suitable for your taste in your wardrobe and enjoy it to sleep like babies.

The Most Stylish Form of Comfort: Sateen Pyjamas Set

Sateen fabric is one of the most preffered type of fabric for nightgowns and fantasy clothing. Sateen fabric which slide like water through your hand and also make even the most ordinary product look absolutely different are also mostly preffered in pyjama sets.

Women’s sateen pyjama sets which have a large place among the women’s pyjama sets, is the first choice of women because they are both comfortable while sleeping and make one feel elegant while sleeping. Especially sateen pyjama sets, which are one of the most popular pieces of bride dowry  sets, will make you feel fantastic even while sleeping. The moment you step out of your bed, get ready to feel as if you are on a podium!

The most popular in the recent years: Buttoned Pyjama Sets

Since past years buttoned pyjama sets were preferred by postpartum and lactating mothers, but now it is not preffered by only fresh mothers but it is also preferred by everyone.

Because of its collar shape, the front button-down pyjama set appears also with the name shirt collar. Buttoned pyjama sets which manage to add a more elegant look to even common pijamas, come to life with both sateen and cotton fabric.

 Women’s long-sleeved pyjama set models have a large place among the buttoned pyjama models. However they seemed to be a model for winter, they also got useable for summer with some changes.

Special Suits for People Who Can’t Give Up Pyjamas in the Summer season

Although pyjama sets are perceived as long-sleeved pyjama sets and are thought to be only for winter, it is possible to find very useful and stylish models for summer. There is also a big amount of variety of women’s summer pyjama set models.

When it comes to summer pyjama sets, the first thing which comes to mind is women’s shorts pyjama sets. Shorts pyjama sets are the most popular models among the summer models. Shorts pyjama is perfect for people who can’ tolerate long things especially while sleeping in summer. Short sleeved pyjama models can also be seen as buttoned pyjamas.

There are not only models with shorts, but also pyjama sets with hanger that come to the forefront  among the summer pyjama sets. Pyjama set models which contain shorts or long pyjama buttoms, are preffered by many people in the summer season.

Something that should be Found in every Dowry: Fancy Pyjama Set

When it comes to dowry, of course more special pieces come to our mind. Fancy pyjama sets are also one of the most preffered pieces in the dowry. Lace pyjama set is a favorite piece of dowry. It is a choice which brings both the comfort, and elegance also the femininity to the forefront.

When it comes to preparing dowry or bundle, it is not possible not to mention about sateen pyjama sets. While black sateen pyjama set is the choice of many people, White pyjama set is also a favorite and most choosen set because the colour reflects the bride and innocent look. On the other hand, Red sateen pyjama set can be the most popular dowry piece because of its colour. It comes out a peerless view to forefront, with the combination of red and sateen.

Varicoloured, Assorted Pyjama Models

When is comes to pyjama, which colour comes into your mind? If the variety of pyjama models increase, then of course the variety of colours also increase. Doesn’t it? It is no longer difficult to find pyjama set with the colour you want. With which colour do you want to fell asleep?

Red is for people who say ‘If it is red, Money doesn’t matter’, White for people who love the innocence of the colour, and blue is for people who love calm colour, and pink pyjamas are for people who still keep the little girl in their inner alive… The only thing you should make is to decide which colour you want.

Women’s Long sleeved pyjama sets will keep you warm under the duvet in winter, on the other hand the softly shorts nightgown set will keep you cool in summer nights. For which season should your pyjama be? We are sure that you wil find pyjama which suits to your taste the best for each season.

The Most Beautiful Pyjama Models

We should not just say pyjama. These special clothes, which are may be in the most important moments of the day on us, are now produced in many models and colours and are presented to people’s taste. Double pyjama set is produced day by day in more variety.

Women’s pyjama sets reach more and more people with online sales. You don’t have to look up for pyjama set and your size in the stores anymore. We stopped that as As we collected models on our website which will please every taste.

Among so many models of pyjama sets, many people will have question mark about them in their mind. We can say that the prices change according to their quality. It is not possible to buy quality cheaply, when it comes to pyjama sets the same is valid.


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