When it comes to underwear, the first thing that comes in mind are panties. Panties are designed for our Daily life to make us comfortable, but they are also really important for our genital health. Our genital areal structurally can not breath. Because of that we should choose comfotable and breathable fabrics for our underwear. Otherwise it is inevitable the risk of allergies and fungi. It is necessary to be careful by choosing the fabric as well as the model.

Other important issues are the stiches and the tires which are used. The panties will stay the whole life with you thats why the tires of the panties should be soft and flexible enough. At the same time while knitting them, using soft ropes and the fact that the seams are not thick are the golden rules for your comfort.

As we we have carefully designed panties which will you both feel comfortable on your dailylife and feel special and elegant and also accompany your most special moments.

Panty Models According to Waist Height

We can make simple seperation of weight height in the category of women’s panty models. Like in jeans the weight height of penties are an important detail. You can choose high waist panties which completely wraps your waist area, but at the same time you can choose low waist panties which just end above your hips. If you want a panty model in the middle of both, normal waist panty models will be exactly for you!

Anyhow what your choice will be, you can also make Daily choices according to your clothes.

An Elegant Touch to Women Panty Models

Lace is one of the most used detail in women underwear models.

Lace are also too much used in panties, which gives an elegant and sexy look to your underweear.Lace panty models have a wide place among women’s panty models.

While red lacy panty models are preffered for special nights, White lacy panty is used for new brides and for bundles. There are many differences in between the panty models, not only the colour red or White. They are available in every colour you can think of.

When we come to the differences between the lace, we can talk about size and texture. At the first step may be you can not recognize them, but if you are a careful person who pays attention to details, than you can realize the difference that an even small pattern or size change can make.

The Preference of People Who Want to Present Their Difference with Underwear

Panties are mostly preferred stitched and they Wrap the the hips. But this causes scars on tight jeans and skirts which is not preffered by some women. There will be not anymore such a problem with string models that leaves the hips exposed. Both the clothes will fit you better and you will have a more pleasant appearance, also you can enjoy your outfit without traces.

The models which expose the hips are not only for streched clothes, but also they are the best choice for your special moments. When the faminity is combined with the lace detail it appears a vital piece.

A Single Piece is Coming for People Who Want to Arouse Curiosity: Transparent Panty Models

Transparent fabrics makes a sessation in every piece. It succeeds to become an indispensable detail of women’s underwear models, with its mysterious and attractive attitude. If you want to choose special pieces for your special nights we offer you our transparent panty models according to your tast.

The panties must have a quality fabric in order to feel yourself good and comfortable. Nylon fabric neither pleasant nor comfortable. You can understand the difference of a tranparent fabric which is woven with a quality material even with a touch. We should not give up giving importance to quality for parts that concern the health of our genital area

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