Towel Sets

If we talk about the indispensable part of a house, the first thing comes to mind is absolutely the necessity of including towels. A soft towel which is hydrophilic is the best for our hands and our body. This essential need can be also seen in the dowry lists. It can be found too much in dowries. As well the need of a towel will never end and it will be bought later, too.

Continue the Pleasure of Bath with Bathrobe Set

We should accept that it is a ritual for many people enjoying the bathrobe after a bath. Especially if we have a long time the bathrobe will not go off, the towel will not go out of our head. To multiply the the moment of pleasure, it it necessary to have a bathrobe set which is hydrophilic and it should keep us dry. Especially when the bathrobe set is with slipper than don’t touch our pleasure. Our moments of pleasure wil be longer with our matching combination of bathrobe and fluffy slippers.

The prices of Bathrobes

Are you ready to meet a special type of towel?

Cotton is a material which is used for towels for a long time. But recently there is a huge tendency on different materials. Bamboo is one of the materials. We can say that it is as popular as cotton towels thanks to Its naturalness, softness and its being hydrophilic.

You can use bamboo towels with confidence because their material are not synthetic. Even if it is washed frequently, it will be deformed or decolourised. This is one of the causes why people prefer to use bamboo towels. Especially bathrobes which are frequently washed, can be preffered bamboo.

Bamboo bathrobe sets have sorts as much as cotton. You can choose the one which suits your taste among short/long, pattern/plain and capped or capless bathrobes. There are also many different colours you can choose.

A soft touch on the special preparations. Dowry Bathrobe Set

When it comes to dowry than it comes everything to mind which is used at home. It would not be wrong to write the name of a bathrobe in gold letter, since it is one of the product that is used the most.

When it comes to dowry bathrobe set, mostly the bridal bathrobe set comes only to mind, but generally the bathrobe set which is put into the dowry is double. There are many varieties of double bathrobe sets for brides and grooms, which contains bathrobe, towel, body towel and also may be slippers.

While the double bathrobe set provides a touch of beauty and harmony in the bathroom of new bride’s houses, it also provides a big convenience to brides and her mothers when preparing dowry. Instead of choosing the bathrobes for women and men one by one, it can be solved easier with buying a set which already contains everything. This is an important detail during the wedding preparation which can not be skipped.

When it comes to double bathrobe sets, the towel market also provides a big variety to make brides happy. The dowry sets become cheerful with harmonious colours, harmonious patterns chosen different for men and women and with plenty of materials. Although there are much more varieties for women, men are not mistreated in these dowry sets.

What do you say to the Ritual of the Bridal Bath with the Bridal Bathrobe Sets?

However some traditions disappear, some are modernized and still exist. The Bridal Bath is one of the rituals which is modernized and still exist in our life. What do you say to make this ritual special lilke hen party and hen night?

The first thing you will buy, after doing all the preparation of the necessary special rituals is lace bathrobe set. Although lace, especially in bridal bath, suits the bridal bathrobe very much, you can also choose a simpler one or bathrobes which are enriched with different accessories.

The women bathrobe you wear in the bridal bath can also be used in the honeymoon. Because of that it is important not to choose a common model. Of course the double bathrobe set you bought can also be used fort his day. In that case we advice you to prefer lace and glossy models while buying a bathrobe dowry set. Your husbands bathrobe will also be a suitable model.

Bathrobe Sets Prices

Whether it is double or single, the prices a huge amount of the bathrobes will change according to its quality. The price is based on how much the towel is hydrophilic, how long the towel can last and how soft the towel is. Bathrobe prices will be cheap or more expensive according to that. The same is also valid for the prices of bamboo bathrobe sets and also fort he cotton towels and bathrobes which we are used to be.

Dowry bathrobes prices also change the same. They change according to the use of different accessories. Of course bathrobes which are enriched with lace and bead are more expensive. When it comes to dowry, quality and gorgeous pieces are preffered by many brides.


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